There are 27 cubes on a Rubik’s Cube. An elephant has 27 pairs of chromosomes. The planet Uranus has 27 moons. I know how to google random facts about the number 27.

As of today, I’ve also been alive for 27 years. I feel like there is some weird change between 26 and 27. I’ve officially made the move from the mid twenties to the late twenties. 26 still feels young, and then 27 comes around like “pass me the collagen repairing lotions and Advil, ’cause skin elasticity and drinking with no hangovers are a thing of the past”.  I’ve heard of 27 being referred to as the age of weddings and new babies every weekend, and I can confirm that 90% of my Facebook feed is chubby cheeks and engagement rings. Instagram is flooded with wedding dress ideas and tiny little toes. Twitter is still a political shit show, but that’s Twitter for you.

I wanted to celebrate myself today, and I thought for a while about what to post. I considered 27 facts about myself. I considered 27 things I’m proud of (but to be honest, I could only think of 5), and I thought of just posting a bunch of pictures with 27 objects in them. In the end, I’m going to keep it simple. 26 was not the greatest year of my life – I left a toxic work environment but ended up struggling financially because of it, and I had a period of time where every doctor’s appointment ended with a new diagnosis – but I did have a few good things come out of it. I found a work environment where I actually feel like a valued employee, and after a minor surgery I got a cleanish bill of health and a newfound resolve to really get myself in gear and get healthy. I discovered new passions and causes that are near and dear to my heart, and found that I’m a lot tougher than I ever gave myself credit for. I realized that I was unhappy, and that I alone had the power to change it.

So here’s to learning and growing and working towards being the best me that I can be. But first, I’m going to go watch 27 Dresses and eat 27 cupcakes with 27 candles because I can. It’s a known fact that calories don’t count on your birthday!


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